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Friday, 31-Dec-2010 12:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
New Years eve 2010

Benji and Yoko wedding
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Saturday, 4-Dec-2010 12:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Return to Bangkok for Xmas and New Year 2010

Vince Me and Bah
My work friends
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After my trip to India I returned to Bangkok.

First thing was my school IIe had organised a dinner party for all the staff which was on the Saturday as I arrived back. It was nice to see my work friends and we had a very nice dinner and many photo's were taken.

The month was so busy next it was my friend Noy's birthday and she held her party at the Grand Hyatt hotel. She had her party in the restaurant and the theme was sexy uniform. It was a really good night and nice to meet up again with friends from when I first arrived in Bangkok.
Next was a nice girl whom I met over 1 year ago, she arrived back to Bangkok before going home to England, I got to spend a few days with her and her lovely boyfriend David.

Next my friend who I met when I was in Bali arrived from Denmark, he brought 3 new friends with him,and it was so nice to be with them the boys are all 21 years old. We spent a few days together before they had to depart earlier than expected due to the time of the year and the trains were full. Managed to get them a train to Laos but it meant I had to say goodbye earlier. The boys sent me a lovely message and left me a note thanking me for our few days together.

In between I caught up with friends from Bangkok and 2 of my friends had started up their own little business selling food.

Before I knew it Xmas was here and after working I spent a very nice Xmas with friends from Bangkok.

New years eve. Benji and Yoko's wedding party which was held at Cafe Lampu, anyone that has been to visit me here will know this place. Met up with more friends that I had not seen since my return. Later in the evening I went to visit more friends and ended up at a little bar in Rambuttri and that is where I wished Happy New Year to everyone.

December has been a very busy month but it was a nice month to come back.
Enjoy my pics.

Wednesday, 3-Nov-2010 12:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Start of my trip to India

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First week in Bodhgaya.

I have been very privileged to have met so many lovely and honest people. My good friend Greg took me to visit some of the people he has so kindly helped in the last few years. I met a lovely family ( one of many) the father is blind the mother has polio and they have 2 children, the Mother rides the rickshaw ( kindly bought by Greg) and the father walks behind holding on to the rail all day long, and the 2 children sit with Mum.

I also met a friend of Greg's who is used to be a Monk and he came to Bodhgaya many years ago, he still visits and has done lots of things for the people here. He plus Greg and many other sponsors have put children into schools and ensure they get a good education rather than them being on the streets begging. Here is a little bit about Chittapala ( Ex Monk) from Australia.

Bodhgaya is in the state of Bihar, which is said to be one of the most impoverished and undeveloped states in India. It is poorly governed and infrastructure is deficient in all ways – for example, the literacy rate is just forty seven percent. It is hard for children from poor families to obtain an education. In Bihar, child marriage is practised amongst the lower castes and many poor lower caste girls remain illiterate and enter marriage as young as thirteen. Sometimes, by the age of eighteen, they will have three children. If they do obtain employment, it will be menial work and they will not be paid the same rate as men.

It was for these reasons that Chittapala and Shahab both had a strong wish to establish a free vocational centre in Bodhgaya, especially for girls and women. Such a centre would give women a means of independent livelihood and help alleviate conditions of poverty within their families. Shahab suggested that subjects such as sewing, typing, handicrafts, herb cultivation and beauty treatment could be taught. In 2007, Chittapala wrote to friends mentioning this idea of a vocational centre. Several responded that they would like to be involved in such a project. It was then possible to cost a sewing centre to be opened on a minimal basis. In order to facilitate this and other future projects in Bodhgaya, Shahab established an association called Elsa Charitable Trust

Monday, 1-Sep-2008 10:19 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Ninh Binh Vietnam

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Wow I arrived in Ninh Binh for a few days from noisy and crazy Hanoi. I expected to stay for 2 days but stayed for 6. The little hotel I stayed at made my stay here the best so friendly and nice. The Mini Queen Hotel run by Mr.Luang. Ninh Binh is amazing the landscapes the people just perfect. Ninh Binh was once a quite sleepy hamlet but due to the beautiful landscapes here it is more popular but still not very many tourist are here at any one time. Tam Coc is 9km from Ninh Binh and is known as the Halong Bay on the rice paddies as it is as breathtaking as Halong bay. The river has huge rock formations jutting out of the rice paddies it is truly amazing. My 2 hour trip in a small fishing boat which was rowed by a local village lady was superb. We ( or she) rowed us into the caves around the Ngo Dong river and the entrances are so small you do not think you will get in but once inside( with a torch) you feel the quiteness and the peacefulness there were bats flying around and the small tunnels are beautiful. My lady stopped in the middle of a big lily pond and picked a flower not knowing what she was doing I watched and she made me a necklace from the Lotus flower it was so special and a day to remember, she then took me to visit her family where we sat and drank Vietnam tea and ate fruit around the table. To explain it seems nothing but to be there will always be special to me. My guide then took me around the rice paddies on very small paths by bike but I felt so safe it did not matter. We then proceeded to Hoa Lu which was the capital of Vietnam in (968-980). We visited the Antient Ciatadel which has been mostly destroyed but still beautiful the royal family used to live in the inner citadel. Then to a Pagoda 6 km further which was lovely after the climb up the steps the view was amazing. After this we then went to the floating village in Kenh Ga ( Chicken canal) which gets its name from the number of wild chickens that used to live in the area. The mountain backdrop from here is truly beautiful. We went into the little village and walked around where all the locals said Hello all the way around the children were waving to us and shouting it was nice. The children were playing in the river swimming and playing on the land so peaceful and no playstations or music blarring out it was nice to see them. We crossed the little bridge which was not the safest but Ok we paid 5,000 dong = 20p to cross another experience. My guide took me back around 6pm and my legs were tired but what an amazing day. The rest of my time in Ninh Binh was spent walking around the town meeting local people and again Hello being shouted all the way. The park Non nuoc was lovely and the views again breathtaking there are Pagoda's and caves here but the monuments to the war are also here. Again I got followed by 6 children on bikes who shouted to me and told me you are Beautiful I smiled with them and they called my name it was so nice. The lovely lake has dragons which you could pretend was the Loch ness monster ( joke) there are 4 around the lake and again locals just sit here and spend there days chatting and drinking. I have met so many wonderful people here Locals and Travellers and my time has been memorable. Ninh Binh is beautiful and the Mini Queen hotel and Mr Luang and his staff made it special. Home from Home.

Friday, 29-Aug-2008 06:04 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Cambodia temples

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